Anime 【But not really :3】

Welcoming myself back, I'd like to talk about anime. Though no doubt I'll trail off somewhere and talk about my day.
Anime. How do I start this.. I'd like to enter a blog a day, but I can only really do it well when something's on my mind. Like how it's annoying that whenever you have your hair up in a bobble, the only place on your head that itches is exactly where your bobble is. So if you do go to scratch it, you mess your hair up. Same with your eyes, when you have make-up on. I always end up rubbing my eyes and smudging mascara everywhere.
I should really be learning a song for a duet with my friend right now, but it's pretty easy, and it's late at night so there's no point at the moment, my dad would come in and shout at me and force me to bed. T__T
And don't you hate it, when you get used to certain noises games or computers make and they're usually "DUN."
At least if you're technologically illiterate [yay big words - I feel smart! :3] you're like oh. Bad noise. :(
I have a slight issue with anger, so whenever I hear a noise like that, it's more like. *PUNCH*
My throats really sore today. Well, half of it. For some reason... Only the left half of my throat is sore. Isn't that odd. o__o
I wonder if it's infected? Meh, whatever. I'll be okay.
See, this post actually has NOTHING to do with anime.
Meh. Maybe another day I'll post about it when I'm actually in an anime-y mood. Wow. That hour has gone by quite quickly.
I don't know what to talk about.. haha. xD
Hm.. I think my next blog post will be about Christmas, and what I want and plan to get. :D
Yes, reading this blog post was a COMPLETE waste of time and you'll never get that minute or so back of your life. SUCKS. 8D

For now, goodbye!

~ Serena :D <3


GAMING!!【The Good Stuff TwT】


It's me again! (who else would it be?)

I thought since it was already on my mind, I'd talk about one of my favourite subjects.


I recently started playing Final Fantasy 7 again. What a game..

Thought I didn't cry (SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERRRRRR!!!!!!) when Aeris died.

It annoyed me, actually. Made me want to kill Sephiroth even more. Because I worked so damn hard training her up!

For nothing.. Eh.. >___<

I remember my brother renamed her Tardcake the second time playing through the game, it wound him up so much! Good times.
Anyway. What I REALLY wanted to talk about was boss battles.
I really love the boss battle theme music in Final Fantasy 7.

I love all the music in FF7! Nobuo did a really great job! :D

But especially the Boss Theme. It gets me excited, every time I hear it.

Even if I know there's a boss coming up, it gets me all pumped up!!

I love arranging my materia too. I'll be saying to myself "Alright, Cloud, you have restore and all, Aeris, make sure you have bio and elemental, that's always a good combination, Tifa, have sense to check when the boss is almost dead, and how much manpower we need, I also want you having bolt all!"

I get really excited. And when I hear the victory music.. It's such a good feeling! I love it!

Except when you get into a battle and they're ridiculously easy to defeat. Like my first battle with Rufus - how come he got boss battle music when he was pathetically weak, yet the Hundred Gunner and Heli Gunner got ordinary battle music? They were much more difficult to beat than Rufus! Though that's probably because I was stuck with a lame party.. Darn Aeris and Barret. Lame weaklings. At least they got limit breaks. Red XIII PWN'D them. 8D
Anyway. I've talked alot already today, so maybe I'd better wrap it up. OH, BUT FIRST!!

...Who remembers dressing Cloud up as a girl? THAT'S MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE GAME!!! :D I bought him only the best clothes. Satin dress, sexy cologne... Heehee.. I even got him underwear.. Though I can't say I wasn't surprised that he woke up to a guy in speedos sat atop of him, slapping him... Sorry, "her". Ahh. The guys were all over "her"!! It made me laugh so much.. xD So many men hitting on Cloud.. No, MISS Cloud.. (laughs) Oh dear. I love Squeenix. <3


~ Serena :D <3

P.S, What's with these gaps? I can't get rid of them. T___T


The First Day! 【Introductions】

I decided that my life had so many fun things to talk about that I would create a blog on it. It took me a while to think of a name. Pockymon is so fitting, don't you think? It shows that I'm interested in anime AND that I like Japanese food! Anyway.. I'd really like to talk about gaming whilst it's on my mind, but I suppose introductions are more appropriate for a first blog, right?

Well, my name is Serena, as you all guessed! I'm thirteen and very childish! I ADORE all things anime. My manga collection is slowly expanding, but I really want Book 11 of Fruits Basket. It's such a beautiful series.. The way book 10 ended... And I can't find the 11th to save my life!! I only found it once on eBay, that's bad! I can't bare to stop reading here. I MUST finish! Sorry, I'm going off topic.

I have.. 30 mangas at the moment, I think. Is mangas plural with an 's'? I wonder. 10 Fruits Basket, 12 Death Note, 2 Fullmetal Alchemist (I love it. I really do. EDWARD <33 But I really love Alphonse too.. Oh, who to choose!!) 3 .hack//Legend of the Twilight, 1 Trinity Blood (My first manga! Except I didn't like it. ^^;;) And two Kingdom Hearts. I loved Kingdom Hearts. I have a Sora and Demyx plushie. As well as Sora's necklace and all the games!! (laughs) I'm more into anime now, though. However, I will never stop gaming! ^___^

Hm, what else is there about me.. My favourite colour is orange! It makes me feel happy and energetic! I really love ice cream and home made meals. I love to bake! Especially when I get to lick the bowl. Cake mixture is the BEST! I can't say what my favourite movie is, there's too many, but my all time favourite anime has to be Fullmetal Alchemist! It gets a PERFECT TEN in EVERY aspect of it! I was hooked all the way through. :D Though it's closely followed by Toradora!. It made me cry.. T___T

Oh, of course! I forgot to mention - I'm MysteriousEchos (I'm very aware it is spelt wrong xD) on YouTube, and I do fandubs! I love to sing. And I love Japan! Therefore, I sing anime OPs and EDs, Hello! Project songs, Vocaloid stuff.. And other random songs that I might like. :3 I'm also part of two fandubbing groups. It's great fun. ^___^

I'm very enthusiastic about my life, and I love my friends! Everything is great. I'm really happy. That's about all I can think of for now, but if you'd like to know anything about me, happily send me a message on youtube, comment the blog or send me an email! But please don't add my address, because I only accept people I know. ^^;;
Well, it's goodbye for now!
~ Serena :D <3