Anime 【But not really :3】

Welcoming myself back, I'd like to talk about anime. Though no doubt I'll trail off somewhere and talk about my day.
Anime. How do I start this.. I'd like to enter a blog a day, but I can only really do it well when something's on my mind. Like how it's annoying that whenever you have your hair up in a bobble, the only place on your head that itches is exactly where your bobble is. So if you do go to scratch it, you mess your hair up. Same with your eyes, when you have make-up on. I always end up rubbing my eyes and smudging mascara everywhere.
I should really be learning a song for a duet with my friend right now, but it's pretty easy, and it's late at night so there's no point at the moment, my dad would come in and shout at me and force me to bed. T__T
And don't you hate it, when you get used to certain noises games or computers make and they're usually "DUN."
At least if you're technologically illiterate [yay big words - I feel smart! :3] you're like oh. Bad noise. :(
I have a slight issue with anger, so whenever I hear a noise like that, it's more like. *PUNCH*
My throats really sore today. Well, half of it. For some reason... Only the left half of my throat is sore. Isn't that odd. o__o
I wonder if it's infected? Meh, whatever. I'll be okay.
See, this post actually has NOTHING to do with anime.
Meh. Maybe another day I'll post about it when I'm actually in an anime-y mood. Wow. That hour has gone by quite quickly.
I don't know what to talk about.. haha. xD
Hm.. I think my next blog post will be about Christmas, and what I want and plan to get. :D
Yes, reading this blog post was a COMPLETE waste of time and you'll never get that minute or so back of your life. SUCKS. 8D

For now, goodbye!

~ Serena :D <3

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