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It's me again! (who else would it be?)

I thought since it was already on my mind, I'd talk about one of my favourite subjects.


I recently started playing Final Fantasy 7 again. What a game..

Thought I didn't cry (SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERRRRRR!!!!!!) when Aeris died.

It annoyed me, actually. Made me want to kill Sephiroth even more. Because I worked so damn hard training her up!

For nothing.. Eh.. >___<

I remember my brother renamed her Tardcake the second time playing through the game, it wound him up so much! Good times.
Anyway. What I REALLY wanted to talk about was boss battles.
I really love the boss battle theme music in Final Fantasy 7.

I love all the music in FF7! Nobuo did a really great job! :D

But especially the Boss Theme. It gets me excited, every time I hear it.

Even if I know there's a boss coming up, it gets me all pumped up!!

I love arranging my materia too. I'll be saying to myself "Alright, Cloud, you have restore and all, Aeris, make sure you have bio and elemental, that's always a good combination, Tifa, have sense to check when the boss is almost dead, and how much manpower we need, I also want you having bolt all!"

I get really excited. And when I hear the victory music.. It's such a good feeling! I love it!

Except when you get into a battle and they're ridiculously easy to defeat. Like my first battle with Rufus - how come he got boss battle music when he was pathetically weak, yet the Hundred Gunner and Heli Gunner got ordinary battle music? They were much more difficult to beat than Rufus! Though that's probably because I was stuck with a lame party.. Darn Aeris and Barret. Lame weaklings. At least they got limit breaks. Red XIII PWN'D them. 8D
Anyway. I've talked alot already today, so maybe I'd better wrap it up. OH, BUT FIRST!!

...Who remembers dressing Cloud up as a girl? THAT'S MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE GAME!!! :D I bought him only the best clothes. Satin dress, sexy cologne... Heehee.. I even got him underwear.. Though I can't say I wasn't surprised that he woke up to a guy in speedos sat atop of him, slapping him... Sorry, "her". Ahh. The guys were all over "her"!! It made me laugh so much.. xD So many men hitting on Cloud.. No, MISS Cloud.. (laughs) Oh dear. I love Squeenix. <3


~ Serena :D <3

P.S, What's with these gaps? I can't get rid of them. T___T

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