[insert Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei reference here]

I made that motivational poster myself! I'm so proud! xD

Except the quality is poo now :(

Yes. Today, since it is a very appropriate subject, I'm talking about UNORGANISATION.

Oh, how it brings me down. :(

My room is always such a mess because of it.

I think I find that when it comes to something I'm really passionate about, I'll keep it organised and work hard on it (i.e, anime-planet.com is where I keep all my anime/manga organised into Watched, Want to Watch, etc. XDD) but if it's something I can't be bothered with (i.e, putting away clothes :3) I'll leave it.

My room is sorta tidy, I just need to take a few pots down, put some clothes away and tidy my bed.. Really... xD

Hm. Unorganisation.. What a horrible trait to have. T__T

I often get poked at for being unorganised.

But I suppose it's part of my character.

Like Konata Izumi. Bwa. I've been commonly referred to as her..

And Taiga Aisaka too. I'm short, angry and pretty tsundere-esque. XD

FLAIL. (damn you Maru)

If I could change myself, I would be tall, sophisticated, and not the boke. xD

But I guess I kinda like being an idiot. It adds to my person.

It got me the friends I have! (yay for retards~!)

Aw no. I'm out of stuff to talk about again.


~ Serena :D <3

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