I often have trouble concentrating on things.
Even when I'm in the middle of a sentence, I'll be distracted by a tree or something behind them, then look at them a couple of seconds later and completely forget what I was talking about.
I'll completely forget I've said something that I did five minutes ago.
I'll talk about things, and then deny I ever did, because I really truly believe I haven't said anything about it!!
Like the time I was in the pub for dinner (tea, whatever)..
I was talking about going swimming to lose weight after Christmas. And APPARANTLY.
I said "It makes you eat in the morning.."
Why would I say that?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! I DID NOT SAY THAT!
I swear it! xD
I do that quite often. Which draws me to think I have Schizophrenia. XD
Oh well. At least I'll never be alone.
I often drift off topic and talk about other random things too.
I remember one time I was trying to rant because I was really hyper (really hyper? you're always like that..) and Maru inspired me.
But I couldn't, because I kept forgetting what I was talking about... :(
I'm very hyper too.
I insisted on becoming naturally hyper so I can always be happy and appreciate life to the fullest, and I think I developed A.D.H.D. ROFL! Win. TwT
Whilst I was writing this, my attention drifted off and I recorded a song... LOL. :3
Meh. I've written enough on this subject.
I'm bored. HAHA XD
'Til next time!
~ Serena :D <3

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  1. Aha i love these xD my ADD friend youu!! <3
    thanks for the comment, I'm returning the favour xoxo
    MUCHOS LOVENESS!! and cookies =P
    Your wife,
    AbiiHellam xD


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